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Awards & Nominations





American MPSE 68TH Golden Reel Award «Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing –  Foreing Language Feature» 2021 (USA)

For my work as Sound Effect Editor on «The Eight Hundred» directed by Hu Guan.



Medina International Film Festival 2021 «Best Sound» (Spain)

For my work as Sound Editor, Sound Designer & Sound Re-Recording Mixer on «Chaval» directed by Jaime Olias.


4theatre Film Festival 2023 «Best Sound Design» (USA)

For my work as Sound Designer on «From the Dark» directed by Erika Sanz


Fear International Horror Film Genre Awards  2018 «Best Sound Design» (Canada)

For my work as Sound Designer on «Drops» directed by Sergio Morcillo.


Cinerama Film Festival 2017 «Best Sound Design» (Valladolid, Spain)

For my work as Sound Designer on «Into the mud» directed  by Pablo S. Pastor.


Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2013 «Premio Alta Qualitá Sonora»  (Caltanissetta, Italy)

«High Sound Quality Award», from «Gruppo Tematico per la Cinematografia Sonora» , based in Rome.  The award was for the Sound Design, Editing and Re-Recording Mixing for the short film «Amarillo Limón», directed by Felipe Garrido, and it was the first time a film festival gave a sound award for a short film, in Italian film history.


Cinemacurtas Film Festival 2013 «Best Sound» (Galicia, Spain)

For my work as Re-Recording Mixer on «Horizonte» directed by Aitor Uribarri.




Black Bird Film Festival 2018 «Best Sound Design» (Cortland, New York, USA)

Nomination for my work as Sound Designer on «Adam Peiper» directed by Mónica Mateo.