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Resume / Bio / Awards

Sound for Media (Work Experience)

I graduated from the UCM (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) in 2004, with a degree in Journalism. I started my career in the radio industry working as a reporter, writer and audio technician (recording, editing and mixing the whole magazine) for broadcasting magazine Fancine.

After several years specializing in sound at different schools (between the years 2002 and 2005) in 2008 I finally got my degree in Sound for Film at ECAM (Escuela de Cine y del Audiovisual de Madrid), obtaining a special distinction in my class.

Since 2007, I’ve worked as a freelance Sound Editor and Foley Mixer at several sound facilities in Madrid as Best Digital, Todd-ao 103 Studios, Deluxe 103 Studios, Pecera Estudio, Dulce Juanita, La Caja de Muu o Audioluna, for production companies as Ida y Vuelta, Plural Entertainment, Avalon Productions, Enrique Cerezo P.C. or BRB International, among others.

In 2011, I set up my own audio postproduction facilities (Finding The Sound) where I work with my team as a Sound Editor, Sound Designer and Re-Recording Mixer for feature films, documentaries, short films, commercials & others, depending on the project budget and production needs. Occasionally I work as a Foley artist and ADR Supervisor too. Besides, despite being Finding The Sound CEO, I still work as a freelance in Spain and all over the world.


I work for many production companies such as Filmax International, MOD Producciones, La Dalia Films, Lee Films International, Mono con Pistolas, Think Mol Productions, Doxa Productions, Tormenta Productions, Jaleo Films, Black Milk Productions, El Cabo Productions, Mano Negra Films, Video Mercury, La voz que yo amo or Corporate Films among others. Some of the company brands or clients that I work for are: Coca-Cola, Greenpeace, Ford, Channel 4 UK, NY Times, Vodafone, Jazztel, Nokia, Ballet Boyz UK, Mahou, RENFE, ONCE, SOS Rice, MAPFRE, REE, Fundación Adecco, ICAA, among others.

Many of the feature films, documentaries, short films & commercials I worked on, have been multiawarded (or being on Official Competition) on international film festivals in Europe and all over the world, such as: Locarno Film Festival, Warsaw Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Sapporo Film Festival, Austin Fantastic Fest, San Sebastián Film Festival, Málaga Film Festival, Sevilla International Film Festival, Premios Goya (Spanish Film Academy Awards),  Cinespaña Toulouse, Riverrun, San Francisco Dance Film Festival, Santa Barbara Film Festival, Zinebi, Medina del Campo, Seminci, Alucine Toronto Latin Film Festival, Holly Short, Orense International Film Festival, Shaan-E-Awadh, Stockholm Film Festival, Zaragoza Film Festival and many others.



Sound Faculty

Apart from my work as a journalist, I’ve been working as a sound teacher since 2005.

2005-2013 Ondas Formación where I was the Sound for Film Department Coordinator & Supervisor, as well as one of the Production Sound, Sound Editing and Re-Recording Mixing teachers.

2007-2012 Microfusa Audio School where I developed and wrote the Sound for Film Course Book Guide and worked as a teacher too (Production Sound, Sound Editing, ADR Recording, Sound Mixing).

2013-2016 Escuela CES where I worked as a Production Sound teacher and Supervisor.

2016-2018 Escuela TAI (recently TAI ARTS University) where I’m actually teaching Sound Editing and Mixing techniques.




American MPSE Golden Reel «Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing –  Foreing Language Feature» 

For my work as Sound Effect Editor on «The Eight Hundred» by Hu Guan.

Fear International Horror Film Genre Awards  2018 «Best Sound Design» (Canada)

For my work as Sound Designer on «Drops» by Sergio Morcillo.

Cinerama Film Festival 2017 «Best Sound Design» (Valladolid, Spain)

For my work as Sound Designer on «Into the mud» by Pablo S. Pastor.

Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2013 «Premio Alta Qualitá Sonora»  (Caltanissetta, Italy)

«High Sound Quality Award», from «Gruppo Tematico per la Cinematografia Sonora» , based in Rome.  The award was for the Sound Design, Editing and Re-Recording Mixing for the short film «Amarillo Limón», directed by Felipe Garrido, and it was the first time a film festival gave a sound award for a short film, in Italian film history.

Cinemacurtas Film Festival 2013 «Best Sound» (Galicia, Spain)

For my work as Re-Recording Mixer on «Horizonte» directed by Aitor Uribarri.



Black Bird Film Festival 2018 «Best Sound Design» (Cortland, New York, USA)

Nomination for my work as Sound Designer on «Adam Peiper» by Mónica Mateo.